My Story...

In short, I'm just a normal dude who wants to live a free life, without any limitations. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't want any responsibilities. What I'm saying is that I want to live a life where I chose them for myself, without them gotten forced upon me.



I'm travelling the world and following the flow of life with no certain plans, but with a feeling of serenity like never before. I feel that I've reached a place where I'm free. Not just from unwanted responsibilities, but more importantly I feel I'm free to be myself.

Naturally, it's a work in process.

Walking through life you encounter unknown fears and insecurities. With each challenge, you'll find a new weakness and additionally, there are a lot of social constructs, that try to put freethinkers into a box.


"I believe that the human experience should be one that's unrestrained, but conscious and reasonable. Break the chains and let yourself lose. However, don't be an idiot"


Where did this whole journey and the desire for freedom start? Well, not just a couple of years ago and with three questions.


What do I want?
Who do I want to be?
Where do I want to go?

For most of my life, I avoided taking responsibility and making the decisions that would guide me to these answers. Instead of listening to myself I allowed the outside world to dictate my life. I managed to push myself into a depression that cost me my health, my relationship, my home and my job.

In hindsight, I know now that this happened because I was always choosing the easy road, which led to a path that was not meant for me; meaningless and passionless.

After a total breakdown and a period of suffering, I arrived at a crossroad with two paths from which to choose. Either I took the easy road again, which would bring me temporary happiness but ultimately lead to suffering and misery. Or I took the hard road of looking deep inside myself, facing whatever I would find and searching for the answers to the questions I'd managed to avoid.

I chose the hard road of facing myself and taking responsibility.

Holly Molly, the hard road was really hard. I totally understand why people get stuck. It's not easy to turn over every stone and look in every corner of your mind. However, it's more than worth it.


The first lesson I learned, after embracing myself, was that in losing everything lay the opportunity to start a completely new life.


Now that I’m living a fee life truly worthy of living, I've decided to share my story, my journey and what I’ve learned from the lessons that life presented to me. I do this in the hopes of inspiring people to face the questions I always managed to avoid and being a light for those stuck in the dark, so they can learn to see the opportunities around them.



put this website together as an extension of my mind, an archive, as a tool to document my journey through life and a way to express myself.

Here it's more about legacy and fun than making money, even though I wouldn't mind earning some extra bucks on the side 😛 to sustain my personal mission. However, as mentioned above it's really more about legacy. I want to have a place were my nephew, nice and eventually future kid's (señoritas 💃give me a call 🤙😎 ) can see what I was about, what I valued, where I went, who I've met and what I've learned on my journey.


Heck, I want them especially to know my nerdy and crazy side, including the Animes I watched, the Mangas I read the Games I played, the (really) stupid decisions I made and how it all impacted me.



With pleasure. Connect with me via email or social media HERE. No matter what kind of questions you have, send them in and I'll try to answer them to my best. Alone or with my friends on our Podcast - Officially Causally.