change is inevitable

Change is inevitable, everything's changing - you, your friendships and relationships. However, at least you can lead it. If you let it "just" happen it'll develop in an unpredictable, maybe even unwanted way.

In this episode, I start talking about my recent experiences with meeting people from my past and observing the change in each other. This is actually something that got close to me. Cause I was seeking change and becoming good feedback and bad feedback at the same time, back to back was very interesting. In these moments I can feel the universe talking to me.

I don't always immediately get what it wants to tell me, but sooner or later I usually understand.



Other Topics are:

  • Everyone is suffering, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing. Suffering is optional.
  • My Nephew considers me a looser ^^ haha
  • We have less, but we are more.
  • Did you know that when you get closer to the mic, it intensifies the situation? xD
  • When you try to have fewer things, you're a lot pickier to keep things you actually want.
  • Hoe to turn a non-profit into a profit machine.
  • Taking responsibility for your life you'll get out of the victim role.
  • What we do after a breakup.
  • Change is inevitable.


By the way, we also have a shared goal of becoming public speakers so that’s going to be a topic that’s going to pop-up frequently during this show.


PS: If you have any suggestions or want to connect please don't be shy and shoot us an e-mail/ message.

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