we are not experts

Does it get colder the higher you get up the mountain or does it get hotter because you get closer to the sun? We don’t know either, cause we are not experts xD

However, we’re still trying to tackle certain topics like:

  • Can (Greek) gods get cancer?
  • Marie Curie & Radiation
  • The Plague
  • How did monkeys get HIV?
  • aaand a lot of more stuff that we don’t have a clue about.

By the way, we also have a shared goal of becoming public speakers so that’s going to be a topic that’s going to pop-up frequently during this show.

PS: If you have any suggestions or want to connect please don't be shy and shoot as an e-mail/ message.

We are available through the following channels:

Send us an email to officially.casually@gmail.com or find us on Facebook under Officially Casually.

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SnapChat: Darko Danell

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