Travelling the World is a Dream Life, Right?

The Lonely Traveller
This photo was taken on Machu Picchu -  Peru. You can find the original on my other website

When I was a kid I loved reading the comics around the Ducktails.

What fascinated me the most was that in almost every comic they left their home and went on a new adventure.

The really cool part was that you never knew what's going to happen or where they're going to end up next. One day they'll be in India searching for a hidden city in the jungle. The next time they'll be somewhere near the ocean floor, exploring an underwater temple. Then at a completely different time, they'll find a lost civilization in the sky.

It was fun, thrilling and full of action. It was so exciting that I knew that's how wanted to live my life. Someday...

How often I told myself: "One day it's going to be my turn and I'll go on my own adventures"

I was imagining myself climbing mountains, chopping my way through the jungle with machetes and scuba diving to hidden caves that would harbour hidden treasures.

My mind was excited, I couldn't wait for it.

However, time passed by I grew up and "real life" took over. I tell you real life, was a lot more boring. It included a lot of mundane work and especially paying bills. No one told me that you have to pay so many bills.

Nevertheless, one day I started travelling.

A week here and there, somewhere pushing a car trip over the weekend in between and one time I even left for a whole month to explore Sout America. All these smaller and bigger adventures were amazing and unique in their own way.

However, it wasn't what I've read in the comics. It was nice, adventures and thrilling from time to time, but it wasn't a lifestyle. It was merely going on vacations.

At one point I had to take the risk and go outside the norm of living a standard life, with vacations from time to time. I needed to give up my life and habits to be able to create the space to allow new things to come into my life and especially for the life I wanted.

The harsh reality was, that it's not easy living a life like in the comics. It takes way more than just being excited and enthusiastic. It takes really sacrifices being a traveller and a child of the world. Especially, if you don't have the budget of Scrooge McDuck.

The sacrifices or adjustments you have to make if you want to become a full-time traveller:

  • No fixed job means no fixed income.
    Learn how to handle money and make some cash during your travels.


  • Stable life and home.
    No chance haha, but that's anyways not what you want, right?
    Otherwise, you wouldn't go out on adventures.
  • You won't see friends and family often.
    At least you've got the internet that helps stay in contact.
  • Having romantic relationships is super hard.
    As soon as you meet someone and establish some kind of trust, they're already gone again.
  • You'll never know what's going to happen next.
    So your ability to figure things out must be top notch, but that comes with experience.
  • Uncertainty will become your new best friend.

These are just a few examples. But one very common experience is the one of loneliness. Yes, you meet new and amazing people, but it's a very temporary experience.


So is travelling the World a dream life?

Absolutely, but it comes as mentioned with its sacrifices and adjustments. It's a wonderful experience, but definitely not meant for everyone.

Nevertheless, if that's a lifestyle that makes you excites, go and try it out. You've got nothing to lose and if it doesn't suit you, you can always come back, get a 9-5 job and live a "normal" life.

Your friend,

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