Why does faster internet give you cancer? Who knows xD This week we talk about how amazing it is that we are connected with people from all around the world, thanks to the internet. In contrast, we also talk about the pressure that it brings with it, cause people write to you and you are able to answer immediately. However, people are still sending letters, so we touch in this too and come up with assumptions why they would do that.


Other things we talk about:

  • Breaking the routine that you have.
  • You don't have to leave the country to experience new things.
  • Travelling the world and how it feels being back home after a certain time.
  • The misconception about money and travelling.


Website Mentioned:
www.meetup.com - meet new people nearby.


Book Mentioned:
UK - Store: Rich Dad - Poor Dad


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Here is as mentioned the video: Do What You Can't

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