True Love Let’s Free Even When It Hurts

Locks of Love
This photo was taken in South Korea - Seoul at the Namsan Tower.  You can find the original on my other website

How many times did we look someone into the eyes and told them that we love them?

Depending on where you are in life maybe once, maybe not at all or maybe more often than you ever thought it's going to be the case. As I'm writing this I'm in my 31 years of living and I loved my fair share. However, this is not a complain this is my experience brought to paper.

Love thought me many lessons, the most important one was that it doesn't last forever, even though it might feel like it would and you're are absolutely certain. The truth is that everything is temporary. Cause even if you find someone who is willing to walk with you through life, they'll be only able to stay with you till death comes for one of you.

Life can be exceptionally interesting and extremely uncertain, so going alone through it can be at times terrifying. No wonder that we then seek another person to share our experience and to have comfort with.

However, having is someone around is nice, so nice that we don't want to let them go and keep them with us forever. Even though that thought might sound at first romantic it has a different intent behind it. It's not 'Love' that seeks the other person's closeness, it's fear. Fear of being alone in this strange existence.

The second biggest lesson I've learned from love is that true love let's free, even when it hurts.

We don't wont to lose the other person, for many different reasons, but by trying to keep them we imprison them. A person should stay with us as long as she feels comfortable and not because we want it, the same goes for us too. We should only stay with someone together as long as it feels comfortable. When the day comes that the other person wants to move on, then we have no other choice than respecting their decision.

Sure we could whine and complain or try to rationalize why this shouldn't end. In some cases, it's certainly worth giving it another shot. However, it's also your job to recognize if it's such a case. If not, then there is no point holding something together that already expired.

Let her go, if she wants to be with you, she'll come back and if not then your togetherness has come to an end. If we try to force the other person to stay with us, we'll run the risk to turn love into resentment. Instead of ending it in a lovely way and with gratitude, it'll end in hate and bitterness.

If you truly love the other person let her free; even when it hurts.

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